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Product photography - why hire a professional photographer?

Sell more with professional photography
Sell more with professional photography Taras Mohamed

Every now and then I get asked what the difference is between hiring a professional photographer over someone with a half decent camera or even an iPhone (yes I have been told ‘I’ll shoot it on my iPhone’).

There are so many reasons why a professional product photographer is a better option but the main one is, you get what you pay for. Like most things in life we pay for quality & expertise and this is very true in the photographic industry.

A photographic education

It is a process of educating my clients and potential clients of the benefits of getting a professional photographer to capture the images for their business to make money. Unless we have a wonderful client that is willing to pay us for a piece of photographic artwork, our primary job is to promote your business and make money for your business by taking amazing pictures. So why would you ever want those images that represent your business to look unprofessional? When I ask clients that question it usually makes sense to them, especially those who are swaying between me, or a relative with a digital camera.

It’s not just the fact that most Melbourne product photographers have had some sort of education and training in the field, but also the investment we have made into buying the correct cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and so on to capture these images.

When I turn up to a job with a full car load of photographic gear a lot of people are shocked out how much goes into creating a good image. It does not mean putting your product near a window, setting your camera to program mode and shooting the product. There is so much thought and consideration that we put into capturing your images in a creative way that will promote your business. The lighting set up, which lights to use, which lens will work best, how much digital retouching is required and so on.

Preparing for product photography

Being a part of this process is a great feeling. Sometimes it’s a struggle understanding what a client wants, other times there are logistical considerations that need to be factored in, other times it is the weather...etc. I can assure you there are dozens of things we need to factor in when we are preparing for a job. When a client sends me an email or gives me a call saying the four words every photographer wants to hear more than anything – ‘The shots look great!’ is the reason why I love my job so much!

Written by Taras Mohamed | Product Photographer |

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