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High conversion squeeze page design

High conversion landing page design
High conversion landing page design Pixelfire

So you have done all of the hard work no-one sees such as website optimisation, online marketing, creating backlinks to your site etc. All this work is paying off and people are looking at your site. You now need to ensure that your landing page (also known as a squeeze page) is designed to make your visitor take action! If your landing page doesn’t have the right elements that encourage people to phone or complete a form you have lost a sale!

Key design elements every landing page should have.

  1. Headline - Creating an eye catching headline that sums up the offer you have on your page.
  2. Video - If possible provide a sales information video. People love watching video and you get to make a personal sales presentation directly to them.
  3. USP’s - Unique Selling Points. Create a series of USP’s that sum up the benefits of your service or product. It’s always better to focus your unique selling points on the benefits of your service rather than the facts. Example ‘Driving this luxurious car will make you feel special’ as opposed to ‘This car is red and comes with four wheels!’.
  4. Call to action - Provide a prominent call to action letting people know what you need them to do next. This could be a phone number with the line ‘CALL NOW’, or a simple form they need to complete.
  5. Testimonials - People love to read about others experiences they have had when using your product or service. Include a glowing testimonial to help sell your offer.
  6. Description - Provide a focused description about your product or service.
  7. Trust icons - Trust icons can be used as indirect endorsements. As an example, if you’re selling products online you should display a security logo so customers feel their credit card details will be safe when making a purchase from you.
  8. Links - Don’t have too many links or forms of navigation on your website. It’s just confusing for the visitor. Only provide the links they need in order to purchase from you.
  9. Web page design - If possible try to keep all of the essential information above the page fold so visitors don’t accidentally miss important information.
  10. Branding - Ensure your business branding is consistent across all of your marketing medium. This means your business has a defined colour palette and a well designed logo with a strap line.

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