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Recommended Joomla extensions

Recommended Joomla extensions
Recommended Joomla extensions Joomla

The great thing about Joomla is that it provides a solid platform for us to build any type of website you like. Joomla in itself is a content management system known as a CMS. This means we can log into our website and administrate pages in the ‘backend’ without having to know any HTML.

In order to extend the functionality of our Joomla website design we need to install extensions that have been developed by third party providers. Listed below are a few Joomla extensions that we recommend and use often to build websites for our customers.

Akeeba BackupAkeeba Backup

It’s essential that you backup your website on a regular basis. Should your site ever be compromised or the database becomes corrupt we have a working backup we can use to restore your website. We use Akeeka Backup with WebCron & SugarSync to automate the backup process and save those backup files to the cloud in our SugarSync account.


If you have a website that includes a blog you may want to allow people to leave comments. Ideally you want this process to be made easy and only allow genuine visitors to post replies. CleanTalk allows us to enable this functionality on Joomla websites remotely by checking new users emails and comments against a spammers database. If the email address is registered as spam or the content of the reply os bogus it doesn’t get published - period.

jce editorJCE Editor

When editing Joomla website pages you want an editor that is familiar, easy to use and provides you with the extra functionality your looking for such as inline iFrames, image editing and templates.


Joomla is a great content management system in it’s own right but K2 lets us extend on article creation providing extra functionality such as image galleries, downloads, video, article rating, comments forms and more.


RokSprocket is a great content module that we use for displaying the latest articles from a news category. There are many layout styles to choose from and overrides are easy to apply to create your own uniques styles. RokSprocket can be used with K2, Joomla and Simple content creators.


MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing providers out there giving you the ability to send 12000 personalised designed emails to 2000 subscribers on your mailing list! We use the CompoJoom extension that allows us to create a sign up form on your website to capture visitors names and email address to market to.


There are many extensions for creating ecommerce websites in Joomla and one we have used often is called MijoShop by MiwiSoft. MijoShop uses the tried and tested OpenCart as it’s base and provide lots of functionality to your online store such as unlimited categories, products coupons, order management etc.

There are many other extensions we use when creating Joomla websites for our customers depending on their requirements but the list above is a snapshot of the some of the core extensions we recommend and use on a regular basis.

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