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Video will improve your website’s SEO

Video will improve your website’s SEO
Video will improve your website’s SEO Pixelfire

Including video in your web pages or email marketing can greatly enhance the end users experience and provide you with a platform to personally delivery your message. Video is engaging and most people are likely to watch a short promotional video through to the end.

Videos make your pages ‘sticky’ in that visitors are more inclined to stay on a page longer to watch the video which in turn gives you more time to deliver your message.

Optimise your video

When creating a video it’s best to create a transcript to accompany your video. This will help towards the SEO of the page the video is displayed on. Another top tip is to host your video o the second largest search engine YouTube. Create a channel and get verified so you can choose your own video thumbnails. Hosting your video on Youtube also allows you to use their bandwidth when you embed the video in your web pages.

Finally, did you know that video posted on Facebook is shared twice as much as a written article and that by including a video within an email increases the click through rate by 200%-300%!

Video content is ideal for:

  • Blogs
  • Sales letters
  • Viral marketing
  • Advertisements
  • Articles.

For more information on our Website Sales Video services click here.

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