Corporate Web Design Specialist Geelong

We are a professional web design business located in Geelong servicing local, national and international customers alike. Our main service is creating websites. We focus on design, usability and ensure our sites are mobile responsive. We design and build websites in house and utilise the best talent for custom development.

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Pixelfire Business Owner

Pixelfire is the trading name for the business owner Neil Forrester. Neil is qualified in a BA (HONS) in Graphic Design from Kingston Upon Thames University in London and established Pixelfire when he and his family migrated to Australia from the United Kingdom in 2009.

Neil is creative with a passion for out-of-the-box designs and worked as a professional graphic designer at numerous London agencies including Complete, BSkyB and others. In 2007, Neil focused his design talents towards building websites and has been creating successful websites for customers ever since.

To speak with Neil call 1300 722271.

Neil Forrester - Pixelfire Web Design Owner

Neil Forrester – Pixelfire Business Owner

Pixelfire – The business

Pixelfire was established in March 2010 and has now grown to be one the top web design agencies in Geelong servicing both local, national & international customers. We provide more than just websites for our customers. We help them develop online digital solutions for their business by ensuring they have the right tools required to market their business effectively online and attract customers. As an example, these tools may include:

  • Website Design / Ecommerce Website Design.
  • Integrated Mailchimp opt in mailing lists.
  • On-page local SEO.
  • Copywriting.
  • Logo design.
  • Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Facebook marketing.
  • LinkedIn lead generation.
  • And more…

Usually we begin by learning and understanding what our customers want – what’s the end goal? We then put forward suggestions on how their business objectives can be achieved.

In most cases we begin by building a great looking website as this is the base for any business marketing campaign. Invariably most advertising campaigns redirect prospects back to the site to buy something or complete a form etc – so the website needs to be in place first.

In some cases, a business’s ‘shop front’ is the only their website so it needs to be effective. The ‘website design’ aspect of any site needs to be optimised and include a strong Call To Action so visitors know what action to take next .

Why work with us?

Our customers work with us because they are looking for a business that:

  • They can trust.
  • Has time to discuss ideas and concepts.
  • Provides prompt communications via phone or email.
  • Is always professional, friendly and courteous.
  • Is open, honest and forthright.
  • Has the expertise and developers to get the job done.
  • Provides excellent value for money.

Once your website is complete we provide you with a document listing all related accounts. The website is yours 100% guaranteed! You have access to everything including your WordPress Website, CPANEL, FTP and other related accounts we may have set up for you.

Note: Not every web design agency is willing to give you this information. If they won’t give it to you, you need to ask why? Once you have paid for a website you are entitled to this information. Please be cautious of any web design agency who refuses to provide this information. They are usually obstructive and difficult to work with.