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Design & Functionality

Please note that our websites are designed using modern technologies and therefore perform better on modern browsers. Those browsers are: Firefox 4+, Safari 4+ and Google Chrome 7+. Our websites are designed to be responsive but we cannot guarantee layout differences across every possible device. The Internet Explorer browser does not recognise ‘media queries’ that are used to make websites ‘responsive’ or adapt layouts based on device screen width. Therefore, your site will render as a regular website on this browser.

It is recommended that you keep your website up to date with the latest operating system and extensions. This in turn keeps your site more secure and better optimised for Google. A websites ‘life’ is typically 2-3 years due to operating system updates and extension updates. That said most sites can and do go on much longer without issue. If you need assistance applying updates please purchase our four-hour web admin package and we will make apply the updates for you.

Sitemap – The website structure we set up for you

A sitemap all website jobs require a sitemap. A sitemap lists the core pages and categories that make up the structure of your website. These are the core pages and categories we will set up for you in addition to the required functionality such as ecommerce configuration, forms, testing etc. Should you need to add more pages, categories or functionality to your site other than those agreed, we provide you with an additional quote. For ecommerce websites we set up the required categories and 1-2 products for purchase testing purposes only. It is your responsibility to add the remaining products following tutorials we provide.

What constitutes a complete website?

A website is deemed complete when we have finished our work in setting up the required functionality and pages known as the sitemap. If we are supplying copywriting services or imagery we will add the content to the web pages for you.

Website administrator access and publishing of your website to make it ‘live’ will only happen on receipt of final payment. Until this point a holding page will be in place.

It is your responsibility to supply all content on time by the ‘Supply Content Date’ listed in the agreement we supply to you, unless it is agreed that we will source the written content and/or imagery for your website.

Layout positions for text and images will contain dummy content until we receive the real content from you.

Late submission of content after the Supply Content Date:

  • Does NOT affect the Final Payment date listed on page 1 and you will be invoiced for the final amount due.
  • Must be added by you following tutorials supplied by us. If you prefer us to add the content for you after the Supply Content Date we will do so after you have purchased our 4 Hour Web Admin package.
  • May affect the date your website can be published to go ‘live’ but this is because content was supplied late and therefore your responsibility – not ours.

Fees, Payments & Credit Terms

In agreeing to use Pixelfire web design services, you agree to make payment of due amounts by the due dates listed in this agreement.

NOTE: Non-payment of invoices will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency in association with Lawyers.

Cancellation fee

Listed below are the cooling off periods and cancellation costs of received payments.

All payments for services and products delivered under $1000 are not negotiable and non-refundable.

Payments for amounts over $1000.
Day 0 to 2 Days: Cooling off period. Refund minus $250 if you change your mind and decide not to move forward with the website.
Day 3 to Day 7: Refund minus $500 if you change your mind.
Day 8+: Refund minus $1000 plus the cost of any expenses due to the time and work spent on your project.

Cancellation after day 14 from the beginning of the project forfeits all and any payments made to Pixelfire to account for the time, expenses and work put into your website up to the date of cancellation.

Pixelfire owns all designs, code and content until the final payment has been made and cleared. Once final payment has been made we will then ‘share’ all rights to the design work so we can use your website design in the promotion of the Pixelfire business.


Additional tasks not agreed in this contract are subject to be charged at $100+GST per hour unless otherwise agreed. Other expenses such as purchase of images, plugins etc will be passed onto you. You will be notified before any work is carried out and written email approvals requesting and agreeing to the additional work and cost will be required before the work will be done.

Source of Materials

All materials for this project are to be sourced and provided for, by you unless it is agreed we will do it for you. Images need to be good quality and fit for purpose and high resolution if for print. You should own the copyright for any images you supply to Pixelfire. Regardless of whether we source content for you, You are responsible for the copyright of all material displayed on your website including images, digital files etc.

On-going support.

If a website functionality issues arises Pixelfire will try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We will do our best to resolve the issue for free but if it appears it my take some time to put the issue right Pixelfire will charge $100.00+GST per hour. This kind of work will be agreed upon before Pixelfire proceed with any amends etc.

Website support is only provided for our customers who have their websites hosted on our shared web servers. If you decide to move your site away from Pixelfire to another hosting provider we can no longer provide website support.

We do not provide instruction or assist in moving your site from our servers to other web hosts. However, you are supplied a comprehensive document listing website admin and CPANEL access details that will allow your new web host provider to migrate your site for you.

Pixelfire Promotion and Credits

Pixelfire reserves the right to add our website address ( and logo to all types of media we design/produce for you (the client). The only instance where Pixelfire does not add its website address or logo is on Stationery design produced for the client. These items include Letterheads, Compliment Slips and Business Cards.

Design & Artwork Ownership

It is the policy of Pixelfire that we both share ownership of all artwork files once the final payment has been paid. Until that point Pixelfire retain the sole rights and complete ownership of any working files. Pixelfire retain the right to use preliminary designs as well as samples of the completed project in future marketing materials (such as our gallery), design competitions, or any other uses.

If the project is cancelled at any point, Pixelfire retain total rights to any artwork created and can use that artwork for any reasonable purpose associated with our business.

Pixelfire does not accept any responsibility what-so-ever in any issues relating to any disputes that may arise caused by the design, image use, copyright or wording of your project and will not pay any indemnity to any third parties should the work Pixelfire create for you (the client) comes into question in court. The copyright of content you determine to display on your website is your responsibility. Any legal costs arising from a dispute relating to any design related material Pixelfire has created for you, is your responsibility.

Website Security & Backups

Our system will attempt to create automated daily backups of your website but website security is your responsibility. You will be provided instruction on how to manually create backups of your website files and database. You must make backups on a regular basis and save them to your computer. IMPORTANT: Once you have saved the backups to your computer, the backup files must be deleted from the server for security and resource reasons.

Should we need to, we can then revert to a working version of your website. Note: We schedule automated backups to take place every day and save them to DropBox. We do not manually make website backups for you. To ensure you have a workable backup file to revert to, please run through the backup process yourself manually before making any changes, installing plugins or updating the operating system. You have been warned!

If you have an ecommerce website, we advise that you protect yourself and invest in the following insurance policies to cover you, should your website ever be hacked, compromised or fail:

  1. Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  2. Cyber Liability Insurance.

If you want to accept payments ‘live’ on your website (without forwarding customers to a third party payment gateway such as PayPal) you will need an SHA-2 bank grade encryption SSL Certificate installed on your website hosting package. An SSL Certificate will encrypt any credit card data sent to the third party payment gateway providers over the net.

Our websites never store sensitive credit card data in a website database.

Our Guarantee

1. 30 Day Fix It Free Guarantee
On handover, we guarantee your website to work as detailed in this document. Should your website stop working due to an error on our behalf, we will fix the issue at no extra cost.

We only provide cover for:

  • Websites we have built hosted on our servers.
  • The plugins we have installed and configured.
  • The theme we have installed.
  • The custom coding / functionality we have applied.

If any third parties make amends to any of these properties or move the site to another hosting platform, we cannot provide support or warranty.

2. Website Design
All of our sites are designed to be responsive which means the website layout will adapt to fit a browser device window such as iPhone or iPad. The only exception to this rule is the Internet Explorer browser which doesn’t recognise responsive web design and will display your site as a regular website.

3. No Hidden Fees

All services are agreed to prior to invoice.

Quotes will be provided for additional work not listed in the original quote covering items such as functionality, custom coding, design, extra pages etc.

4. Website Life
Your website will be built using the latest version of an appropriate content management system (usually WordPress). WordPress periodically releases upgrades to improve functionality and improve security issues. Due to the nature of Open Source operating systems and third party extensions constantly being upgraded we cannot guarantee operating system & extension updates will be always available for your website and may affect your site from being updated in the future.