Managed Website Hosting

We provide all of our clients with Managed Website Hosting services. This service protects & secures your website investment and includes monthly updates, regular website backups and FREE website restoration should your site ever be compromised.

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Managed Website Hosting Plans

Depending on the size of your website, you will be allocated an appropriate plan.

  • Website Hosting Standard 3GB – $528 per year or $1.48 per day.
  • Website Hosting Extra 6GB – $638 per year or $1.75 per day.
  • Website Hosting Large 10GB – $748 per year or $2.00 per day.
  • Website Hosting Premium 20GB – $968 per year $2.65 per day.
Prices listed include GST.

What is included in our managed website hosting plans?

  • Each website hosting plan provides enough disc space to account for your website files, folders, operating system and space to generate regular backup files.
  • Free SSL certificate are installed on every site to enbale encryption of data to and from your site. (We highly recommend that ecommerce sites install a ‘greenbar’ bank grade 256-bit SHA 2 encryption extended validation certificate for extra security. These certificate types include a site seal and $1,750,000 warranty).
  • Automated daily backups of your website saved off the server to DropBox. The 10 most recent backup files are saved in this way.
  • Automated daily backups taken and saved by the server operating system.
  • Manually triggered backups created and saved locally once per month.
  • Monthly updates applied to your website extensions and operating system.
  • Monthly security analysis and checks.
  • Free website restoration to a working backup should your site be compromised.

Website server space

All websites require and use server space allocated to them via plan. Large sites such as ecommerce sites usually require more server space than a standard brochure site.

Over time, all websites grow in size as you add more content, receive form enquiries and orders etc. For a website to continue to function correctly it will need adequate space to store files, folders, database and have enough additional space to create the website backup file which will be saved off the server.

If your site is getting close to the server limit we will notify you and upgrade your site to the next available plan.

Keeping within your plan

It’s important that images are sized correctly and optimised before uploading to your website. This helps to keep file sizes small, stay within your web hosting plan and improve website page load times.

Re-sizing Images:
Optimising Images:

Website security

It’s important to keep your website operating system and plugins up to date. Operating system and extension updates improve your sites functionality and address known vulnerabilities that hackers have exploited. Your website is an investment for your business. In some cases it’s the only ‘store front’ a business may have. Therefore your website is much more than just a branding exercise. That’s why we maintain and look after your website on a regular basis.

I’ve found cheaper website hosting. Can I move my site away from you?

Yes you can. If you decide you want to move your site away to a cheaper web hosting platform you are welcome to do so. Your new provider will assist in moving your website for you.

Before you move, please reconsider! As mentioned above, we provide more than just web hosting. Through our managed website hosting service we provide you security and peace of mind, knowing that your website investment is well taken care of, and should something ever happen we have your back covered with free website restoration to a working backup. If you still decide to move your site away to another host, this responsibility will be yours. Please note:

  • We cannot guarantee sites moved to other hosting platforms will continue to function correctly.
  • Nor can we provide support for sites hosted on other platforms.