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Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing your business is important if you want prospective customers to find your services and buy from you. SEO of your website is designed to increase free organic traffic to your site whereas SEM is usually paid traffic (such as Google AdWords). Let us take care of your website SEO or AdWords Campaigns so you can focus on running your business. Our SEO services are effective and competitively priced.

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Managed Keyword SEO Packages

To have your website be found on page one in the organic listings (not the paid ads), Google needs to determine that your site is worthy of being displayed. There are many factors Google takes into account when indexing your site and deciding where your site is ranked.

These factors include ‘on-page SEO work’ which includes written content, page structure, images, metadata descriptions etc. But the most important factor to having your site ranked well, are links from other websites linking to yours. These types of links are called backlinks. Backlinks are classed as ‘off-page’ SEO work.

Success in SEO means the website being SEO’d is ranking well in Google for the keywords being targeted in the campaign. This means at a minimum, most keywords are on page 1 of Google. Many keywords will hopefully also be within the top 3 positions.

These tasks include:

  • On-page SEO fix-ups
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Metadata re-writing
  • Browser page title optimisation
  • External link building
  • Internal link building
  • Directory listings
  • Social book marking
  • Social media shares
  • Guest blog posting
  • Increase in target keyword phrases over time.
  • Increase in free traffic to your website.
  • Google Analytics reports.
  • Work carried out in compliance with Google guidelines.
5 Keyword Package + 1 Article + 30 Backlinks $530 per month
10 Keyword Package + 1 Article + 30 Backlinks $604 per month
15 Keyword Package + 1 Articles + 30 Backlinks $772 per month
20 Keyword Package + 2 Articles + 30 Backlinks $894 per month
40 Keyword Aggressive Package + 2 Articles + 30 Backlinks $1,029 per month
20 Keyword Maintenance + 1 Articles + 30 Backlinks $550 per month

Managed Google AdWords Packages

Google AdWords allows us to create adverts to be shown when people search keyword phrases looking for the services you provide in their location. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad for more information.

  • We setup and create your AdWords Campaign.
  • Within a Campaign are Groups. We would create a group for each service you provide.
  • Within each Group we have between 3-6 advert variations.

Managed Google AdWords includes:

  • Keyword research for the keyword phrases you want to target.
  • A suggested cost per click budget you should have to run your adverts.
  • Campaign, Groups & Ads setup.
  • Set up of advert structured snippets & extensions.
  • Split testing of ads within groups to ensure we only use the best performing ads.
  • Ongoing optimisation of ads and keywords.
  • Set up of goals and tracking on your website.
  • Monthly reporting and implementation of any new Google features.

Download: Google-AdWords-Management-Service-Summary.pdf

Search + Display $525 per month.
Google Merchant Setup Fee $560 One-off fee.
Search + Re-marketing + Shopping $550 per month.

It’s recommended that you have an active Google AdWords Campaign for the life of your business.

Real success is achieved when the ROI of the advertising exceeds the cost. IE. The advertising produces profitable business. To achieve this, the following typically occurs:

  • Your AdWords budget is being fully spent and in a way that your defined objectives are being most effectively achieved.
  • Over time, the goal metrics are being more cost-effectively achieved.
  • Through relationship management, you recognise a real return to your business, over and
  • above the total spend of the campaign, which includes management fees.

Disclaimer: While we do everything listed in the services below, we cannot guarantee you will receive more enquiries or sales. We do guarantee we will carry out the tasks listed for each package. Your website’s Google rank for search terms can be affected at any time by Google’s algorithm updates. Likewise, a Google AdWords campaign can only direct visitors to your site. We cannot force a visitor to buy something from you. Visitors to your website only become paying customers if the website is designed in such a way to encourage them to take a certain action such as complete a form or buy a product. If ‘web design optimisation’ is not implemented first, paying for traffic via adverts is more expensive. All online marketing activities including SEO and paid advertising should be implemented for the life of your business. Short term efforts tend not to yield the desired results. Be wary of companies that promise they can get you onto page one of Google – it’s a promise that is impossible to make. 30 days notice is required to cancel any service listed on this page. Prices listed include GST.