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4 Reasons Why We Use Asana to Manage Our Web Design Projects

By June 28, 2020April 13th, 2023Blog
Asana - Web Design Project Management Tool

Managing web design projects is no easy feat. From consultation and design to editing and delivery, every stage of the web design process needs to be managed. In no time, the process of designing the site, producing content, graphics and other media can become a confusing mess.

With requests coming in from all directions including email, meetings, texts and Slack, it’s easy to lose critical details or miss out partial information. Managing feedback and approval of the web design work can get even messier.

Here at Pixelfire, we use Asana, which is a project management tool, that allows our web designers and clients to work together in an organised way. Here’s our honest review of Asana.

Staying organised is a breeze

With Asana, we’re able to plan and schedule work in a manner that works for us and our clients. The tool allows us to set deadlines and priorities, assign jobs and share details easily and quickly from a single place.

Keeping track of projects is easy

Following projects and tasks at every stage is easy and simple. Our web design team and our clients know where the project stands, keeping all stakeholders aligned on goals.


Asana offers a lot of features, especially when it comes to task management. The tool emphasises on productivity and collaboration, setting it apart from all other project management tools out there.

What’s more, flexibility is at the heart of Asana. You can keep track of not only ongoing work but also long-term projects, coordinate teams and even distribute jobs across employees.

All of these features make managing web design projects effortless, seamless and effective.


As new requests are placed, or tasks move forward, project managers can put in place rules to automate work, which saves time and steps.

Single source

Although we use several different tools like Gsuite, Word and Excel among others, Asana allows us to integrate them with its platform. This seamless integration enables collaboration whilst reducing confusion.


There you go. That’s a wrap of the top 5 reasons we rely on Asana for managing our web design projects.

Asana is a completely versatile tool for web design project management. We rely on it to stay organised, keep track of a project’s progress and hit deadlines even while plans change.

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