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Effective Web Design Optimisation

By February 21, 2020April 13th, 2023Blog
Effective Web Design Optimisation

Effective Web Design Optimisation

The success of your business website greatly depends on its design. And by design, we are not just referring to the visual aesthetics. In fact, your site’s success depends on its usability and functionality.

Since your website is maybe the first contact a customer has with your business, it’s important to look into critical aspects such as user experience, visual hierarchy and calls to action and effective web design optimisation. In this post, we take a look at some of the important aspects of effective web design.

Hierarchy of Information

Visual hierarchy or hierarchy of information is a universal design principle that applies to all forms of design including web design. Visual hierarchy helps assign the importance and sequence of information and elements on a page.

It can help a great deal in leading the visitors through your message. By creating multiple levels of priority and intuitive flow, you can attract the visitor to the complete message and lead them through the different “parts” of the message.

In other words, hierarchy is the order in which visitors process the information on a web page. It allows users to understand and digest information easily.

By assigning different visual characteristics to different sections of information – for example, larger fonts for headers – you can influence what visitors will perceive as being further up in the hierarchy.

In the absence of visual hierarchy, you will end up with two types of visitors:

  • Confused – When visitors try to understand the information at the same level of importance, they are likely to leave confused without actually taking in any or much of the information. They will bounce around the various ”parts” of your message without understanding the “whole”.
  • Moved On – The visitor sees all the information at the same level of importance, so they aren’t even guessing the message you’re trying to communicate. They ignore the “parts” the “whole” does not tell them where to begin or how to go around.

When your visitors fall into any of these categories, they are likely to leave your website, never to return. And that’s the last thing you want to see happen. That’s why a clear hierarchy of information is critical.

Funnelling Visitors To Take Action

You’ve communicated your message. Your visitors are primed and ready to convert. What next?

It’s time to funnel your visitors to take the desired action.

That’s where a CTA (call to action) comes handy!

A CTA is your chance to motivate your visitors to take action. Whether you want them to share their email address, submit a contact form, make an appointment or purchase your product – a CTA is a crucial factor that can improve conversions and generate sales and leads that you want.

Here are two critical reasons why CTAs are important:

  1. CTAs are an integral part of your sales funnel. A call to action serves as a transition between the different stages of the buyer’s journey. It instructs the visitor on what steps to take next, prompting them to take action.
  2. Your customers expect them. A lot of your visitors depend on the CTA at the end of a page to take the next steps. Once they’ve read your copy and engaged with your content, they will look for the CTA button to learn what the next step is.


Web design isn’t just about visual appeal and aesthetics. It’s more about the user experience and the customer journey. Visual hierarchy and CTAs are two of the several elements that can enhance the user journey, leading to higher conversions and improved revenue for your business.

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