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Managed website hosting means peace of mind

By September 11, 2018January 21st, 2022Blog
Website Hosting Geelong

When we build websites, we develop our clients websites on our servers and provide a ‘managed web hosting‘. Managed web hosting means we look after your website investment, keeping your site up to date and secure so you don’t have to.

Sometimes, we get asked the question ‘Can I host the site myself on my cheaper web hosting platform?‘.

Well, the quick answer is yes you can. Once we have completed the site you are free to move your site where you like.

But when it comes to building and development, we only build websites on our web hosting servers and we do this for the following reasons:

Efficiency – Having our own web hosting platform means we can quickly create a web hosting account with the set up we need. If need be we can adjust the server settings so it’s optimised for the type of site we are building for you. Some other platforms don’t allow this much access are make additional charges to perform simple actions which makes it difficult to work without wasting time on the phone asking for web hosting settings to be changed.

Website Security – Our web hosting platform is secure and comes with hourly backups and malware scans of every file uploaded to the server to help prevent malicious activity on your site. In addition to this, we also include DDos Protection and run the latest version of PHP from 5.5 through to 7.1.

SSL Certificates – Every website needs an SSL certificate installed nowadays otherwise Google won’t refer traffic to your site. SSL certificates encrypt information that is passed between your website and server to protect information visitors enter when they complete forms or create accounts on your site.

We provide two types of SSL certificates.

  1. The first is a free SSL certificate which is good for brochure type sites.
  2. The second is a Greenbar SSL certificate which provides extra protection and bank grade 256-bit SHA 2 encryption. This type of SSL certificate is used on our ecommerce websites for when sensitive credit card details are entered via the site.

Speed – When it comes to website loading time, you want your pages to load fast. That’s why our servers are powered by LiteSpeed and CloudLinux meaning your site will load quickly. In addition to this we also provide unlimited bandwidth so your site will never go offline due to increased traffic.

Support – If something ever goes wrong with your website and it’s hosted with us, we will get the issue resolved for you. All of our website packages include managed website hosting services. This means we apply regular updates, backups and security checks to your site to ensure your site runs smoothly. If your site is hosted on another platform this responsibility is you yours.


When it comes to website hosting don’t risk your investment with a cheap platform and limited support. Stick with us and we will ensure your site is looked after 100%!

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