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Website Builder Or WordPress? – The Differences You Need to Know

By August 17, 2020April 13th, 2023Blog
WordPress Web Designers In Geelong

You’ve decided it’s time to build a website for your small business. Fantastic! The next step is to decide how you will build it. Should you use a website builder or WordPress? The answer depends entirely on you and your requirements.

You could choose a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, for its flexibility and customisation, but end up paying more for the hours of web development required.

Alternatively, you can use a website builder like Weebly or Wix, which gives you complete control, allowing you to build your own site without any technical proficiency, but your customisation options would be limited.

In this post, we look at some key differences between the two options. Let’s dive right in!


WordPress web design offers far more flexibility than any website builder out there thanks to its extensive library of plugins. Plugins are extensions or add-ons that can add any feature or functionality to your WordPress website.


Most small business websites start small but that does not mean you have to remain small. When you are ready to scale up your operations, your website should be ready for it. And that’s something WordPress offers effortlessly. Whereas, website builders can have scalability issues.


WordPress is a no-brainer when you are looking to build a custom website. Whether you are designing the site yourself or hiring a web designer Geelong, you are only limited by your imagination. With website builders, your options are limited to the available templates and your site will end up looking similar to thousands of other sites.

Website SEO

WordPress is SEO-friendly out of the box. A good SEO plugin can give you complete control over your website’s SEO. On the other hand, SEO capability widely varies for different website builders. So you will have to choose the right one.

Learning Curve

Anyone can use a website builder to create their own website. That’s a huge advantage, especially if you the DIY type and like to dirty your hands when building things. Most website builders come with drag and drop editors. Simply drag and drop elements and your website is ready.

However, using WordPress can involve some learning curve. But that’s a small inconvenience given the array of benefits you will experience.


Sure, WordPress may not be an easy route for DIY enthusiasts. However, things become really easy when you hire a Geelong web design agency. You not only have to wrack your brains designing your site but you can also be sure of getting a professional, targeted and results-driven website.

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