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How to optimise a web page for Google

By July 13, 2018May 19th, 2022Blog
Optimising Web Pages For Google

When writing web pages for your website you want them to be found and indexed by Google so that your website might be shown in a Google search result. In this post I am going to discuss how to create an optimised web page for your site.

Web Page Writing

Think about the subject matter you are going to write about and structure your article. You should aim to write around between 200-300 words.

Article Structure

  • Ideally you need to break up the content into easy readable chunks in the following order.
  • Title – Include the main keyword phrase in your H1 title
  • Intro paragraph – Include the main keyword phrase in your first paragraph and make it bold.
  • Sub Title – Include a variation on your keyword phrase in your H2 sub-titles.

Internal Linking

  • With your own website you have the opportunity to create links of out keyword phrases.
  • 20% of links can be specific keyword phrases
  • 80% of internal links should be more generic such as ‘For website design click here’.


If possible, include a hero image with each page you create. An hero images help convey the idea bhind your article and help to give your article personality. Image galleries are another way of adding interest to your web page.


Video is a great medium to use if you really want to engaging visitors at your website. People will watch short 2 minutes videos all the way through giving you an opportunity to deliver your message.

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