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How to send large files over the internet

By July 17, 2018December 4th, 2018Blog

Trying to email large files over the internet is a pain. Each internet service provider has set different size limits on what you can and can’t send. Plus, if you can send a large file, it doesn’t mean the recipient will be able to receive a large file. The best thing you can do is not email large files in the first place. Simply use a free onine service called WeTransfer.

How does WeTransfer work?

  • First, put all of your files in a folder.
  • Compress / zip that folder to create a .zip file of the folder. (On a  PC right click and send to zip file). This creates a compressed zip file of all of the large files in the folder you just made. Save the zipped file to your desktop.
  • Now, open a browser and go to  You’ll see this page. Click Take me to free version.
  • On the next page agree to the terms.
  • Add the zipped file and complete the details required.
  • Click Transfer and your done.
  • WeTransfer will then upload your large zip file to their server.
  • Once it is uploaded WeTransfer will send the recipient an email with a link to download the file from their server.
  • Files are automatically deleted after 5 days.

Using this method is much quicker than emailing images one by one and won’t overload your mailbox or your recipients.

If you are keen to read more on other options for sending large files over the internet here is another article that might interest you.

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