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How do I improve my Google page rank?

By July 17, 2018Blog
Improve Google Page Rank

Do you want your website to be found for a particular keyword phrase when searched on Google? Your answer is probably yes but how do you optimise your web pages so they are found and indexed by Google?

In this article I am going to tell you what you need to do for each and every page on your website.

This type of optimisation is called on-page optimisation and helps to improve your sites position in both Google and Bing.

The first point to make here is that you cannot be found for everything unfortunately – even related searches to products or services you may provide. So think carefully and choose the keyword phrases you really want to be found for.

Define the exact keyword phrase you want to be found for.

As a case study I’ll use a clients website to illustrate this point. Ambit Instruments wants to be found for the keyword phrase ‘differential pressure gauges’. Currently they are position 15 for this phrase which means they are on page two of Google.

Lets look at keyword phrases other sites on page one are using and cross reference those site to get a list of the top 5-10 keyword phrases.

We need to look at the words used in:

  1. Browser Page Titles
  2. Headings
  3. Sub-Headings
  4. Body Copy
  5. Metadata Descriptions
  6. Metadata Keywords.

I found the following top keyword phrases:

  1. differential pressure gauges
  2. differential gauges
  3. instruments
  4. differential pressure sensor
  5. high pressure differential pressure gauge
  6. DP gauge

We also need to look at supporting keywords. These are other words commonly used when talking about ‘Differential pressure gauges’.

I noticed the following supporting keyword phrases used when discussing ‘Differential pressure gauges’:

  1. monitoring pressure between two separate pressure sources
  2. economical
  3. safe and reliable pressure measurement
  4. quality
  5. gauge design
  6. high system pressure gauge
  7. filter indicator.

Now we have our primary and secondary keyword phrases we need to apply them to the Differential Pressure Gauges category and Items within that category.

These are my suggestions which we implemented to the Differential Pressure Gauge Category.

Browser Page Title
Differential Pressure Gauges & Monitors | Ambit Instruments

Metadata Description
Accurate & reliable Differential Pressure Gauges for monitoring pressure between two separate pressure sources designed to suit your requirements – Ambit Instruments.

Metadata Keywords
differential pressure gauges, differential pressure, DP gauge, high pressure differential pressure gauge

On page description
Write at least a 50 word paragraph description for the category including the keyword phrases from above. Each page needs well written copy.

Example: Our differential pressure gauges are designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Differential pressure gauge sensors are for measuring pressure between two separate pressure sources in a system and present the differential pressure result on a single gauge dial. Magnetic movement allows the pressure gauge to sense both pressures while the gauge remains isolated from the pressure chamber without the need for mechanical seals.

Make one instance of the primary keyword phrase in in the first paragraph bold.

Now the changes have been made we submit the URL of the page to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. If the page in question is a category we can also submit the URL to Pingomatic.

Apply the same process to each and every Category or Page on your website and I’m sure you’ll improve your sites SEO.

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