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Webhosting Features You Should Look For

By August 25, 2022September 23rd, 2022Blog
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When setting up a new website, the most important decision is selecting a web hosting plan. This may seem simple, but it requires scrutiny and comprehension. You’ll save yourself time and frustration if you choose the right web hosting services from the outset. Migration to a new provider is possible but difficult. Do your research diligently and select a few companies with solid reputations. You can learn about their worthiness through word-of-mouth, online reviews and tech publications. Compare the various services and choose the one that suits you best.

7 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Web Hosting Service

  1. Uptime & Availability Your web host’s primary job is to keep your website online and accessible. Periodic maintenance is necessary to keep servers from overheating. Hosting services must therefore guarantee an uptime figure. Service availability is better guaranteed the closer a company is to 100%. Besides disgruntled users, Google devalues your organic search results if you aren’t always available.
  2. Satisfactory Security Options There are ways to make your website more secure, but it’s beneficial if you choose a web host that also treats it as a priority. Robust firewalls, SSL certificates and affordable security add-ons are excellent options to enhance your website security.
  3. Domain Speed Google prioritises pages that load quickly. You should check the loading speed of your web host to ensure that users don’t abandon your page because of delayed uploading.
  4. Monthly Traffic This is a lesser-known fact: some website hosting services have monthly traffic limits! After a certain amount of access, you will be charged extra or your website will cease to display until the next month. Note the information companies provide and look for those offering unlimited data.
  5. Domain Name Management Ideally, register your domain with your web host and manage your registration and renewals through the same interface. Even though you can register your domain elsewhere, it just makes more sense to keep everything together.
  6. An Option-rich Package Shared hosting is an excellent place to start. Your website might eventually need to be upgraded to a different level as your traffic increases. Consider a company that offers various hosting plans to meet your evolving needs. In the event of an upgrade, sticking with a company you know will be easier than switching to an unfamiliar one.
  7. A User-friendly Software System With frequent content creation in mind, select a service that offers an easy-to-use software installation or allows you to use an open-source solution such as Wix or WordPress.

Discover Extra Benefits With Pixelfire Web Hosting

Our team at Pixel Fire knows how important speed, security and storage are for website hosting. With our LiteSpeed web hosting plans, you’ll have access to NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth and many CPU resources for your site to run smoothly and swiftly. One of our regular duties is maintaining WordPress plugins and secure WordPress websites to deter hackers.

Let us handle your web hosting services so you can focus on your online business. For perfect peace of mind with your website, contact Pixelfire today.