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Why You Should Be Investing In Google Ads In 2023

By January 26, 2023February 1st, 2023Blog
google ads

Google Ads are a way for businesses to boost traffic to their products for sale or services to a global audience, generate leads and increase sales. They allow you to reach this wider audience in a cost effective method. Google Ads have been known to increase the return on advertising spend as a funnel leading to sales or potential sales.

So should Google Ads form part of your strategy for your Geelong business? Keep reading to learn why you should be investing in Google Ads this year.

Cost Effective

Google Ads allows you to set your budget for your campaign or month, allowing you to adequately budget for the upcoming month. Obviously the more you spend, the wider audience you will reach, but you may find that perfect middle ground where you are happy with the return you are getting.

This form of advertising has been known to reach audiences at a far less cost than some of the more traditional advertising methods, such as TV, billboards, magazines, etc. There is also less of a commitment as you can cancel at any time.

Potential To Experiment 

You are able to run different campaigns using different keywords in order to analyse exactly which keywords give you the best result. This enables you to have freedom to experiment with different campaigns and see which of your target markets are more interested.


Google boasts an impressive ray of analytics and tracking insights. You can track your conversion rates, your views, clicks and much more. Having the ability to see your return on investment also aids you in deciding whether Google Ads are right for your business or if you are happy paying a certain amount to receive a certain amount.

The Final Word On Google Ads

We have only listed a few reasons above, but there are countless more benefits in choosing to invest in Google Ads. Whether or not you are sold on this, Google Ads allows you to test the waters without fully committing by just testing it out for one campaign or one month.

Here at Pixelfire, our professional team in Geelong can assist you with your Google Ads marketing by researching keywords, creating campaigns and optimising based on testing and results. Our team is highly skilled with this platform and have created many successful ad campaigns. Reach out to us today!