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Landing Page Web Design – Why do one-page websites work?

By February 27, 2020Blog
One Page Website Design Geelong

A landing page web design or one-page website is a great way to promote a single service or product. Having a single service or product to promote helps us focus the written content and really optimise the landing page to be indexed on Google for the keyword phrases you want to be found for. It’s no secret that landing pages convert visitors into customers!

As an example, we recently created a landing page web design for Cats Plumbing. Ian the owner of Cats Plumbing wanted to push his hot water repairs service in Geelong. We created a page that was well designed with written, optimised content.

When visitors land on this page they can only take two actions:

  • Call Cats Plumbing or
  • Complete the enquiry form.

Nice and simple! Sometimes this approach works well for local businesses. There are no distracting items such as menus, blogs, links, etc so the visitor has to take action on this page.

One-page Websites Are Good For SEO

Having a single page website is also good for SEO if optimising for a local audience. The on-page written content and metadata are focused on the service in question, making it understandable to Google’s search bots to know what the page is about.

Another great trick for SEO is to register a domain name that includes your keyword phrase. We did this for Cats Plumbing hot water service and registered hot water plumber Geelong as a domain.

Take a look at the live website and see how effective a one-page website can be when it has focus.

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