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My website Google rank has gone backwards – What should I do?

By March 26, 2019April 13th, 2023Blog
SEO - How do I improve my website Google rank

Have you ever noticed your website rank might have slipped back in the rankings known as SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ? There are many reasons why this happens but keeping your website in the top three listings for your target keyword phrase is not a set and forget job. Keeping your site at the top is an ongoing SEO admin job you will need to do for the life of your business.

Suggestions for improving my website ranking

Below are quick answers in bullet form for improving your website rank. That said, there’s nothing quick about trying to improve your organic SERP. (Search Engine Result Page).
  • Refine and review the on-page copy.
  • Ensure we are using the right keywords in titles and copy.
  • Re-write metadata descriptions.
  • Add new content on a regular basis that supports the primary keyword phrase for your business.
  • Post on social media with links back to your website. This includes your FB page, other FB groups, Instagram, anywhere else..
  • Back backlinks on a regular basis. Linked keywords from other sites are seen as endorsements for your site. We provide backlink services. Please see here. You could choose the 5 Keyword Package to begin with. We recommend 6 months minimum and then a maintenance package.
  • You could also have a Google AdWords campaign. These are paid ads for the keyword phrases you want to be found for. See the link above and scroll down to Managed Google AdWords Packages. If you need quick results you are better off looking at Google AdWords.
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